Criminal Justice Certificate

Want to be a vital part of the criminal justice system? Lakewood College's Criminal Justice Online Certificate  might be just right for you! Become a law enforcer and learn everything there is to know about the modern criminal justice system. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, criminal justice employment opportunities are expected to grow by 14% through 2018.

You'll learn about the criminal justice process through our accredited program, including an overview of crime in America, criminal law, policing, the courts, corrections, and juvenile justice. Discover all the latest criminal justice procedures from knowledgeable instructors with years of experience. Studying online allows you to be part of an active and lively international community, sharing and networking with peers and tutors. You'll also have your own success coach! Someone who will advise you every step of the way! We even provide job placement assistance!

As a graduate, opportunities can be found as a law enforcer in the private sectors, nonprofit sectors, and a large number in government institutions. Criminal Justice Careers may include specialization in the following areas such as State Trooper/Highway Patrol Officer, Police Officer, FBI Agent, Detective, Facility Security Manager, Corrections Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, paralegal, loss prevention officer, fraud and insurance investigator and park ranger, and more.

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